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Notes on the Archive

An Oral History Archive of the Local Area.
The recorded memories included in this archive are from and about local people - their own personal reflections on the area in which they’ve grown up, the social activities in which they were involved, family history and working life.
The memories were recorded between 1997 and 2005 with the majority of people living in the local area of Leicestershire –
Earl Shilton, Barwell, Hinckley and Burbage.
The oldest respondents were born during the first decade of the twentieth century, the youngest during the 1970s.

The archive is split into two.

The larger archive.
The Hosiery and Knitwear Industry in the Hinckley Area, concentrates on respondents’ working lives – working in the local hosiery industry which was, up until quite recent times, a dominant industry.
They talk about their introduction into the industry, the type of work they did, the camaraderie and ‘hi-jinks’.
The changes that took place over time also figure quite strongly along with the modernisation of machinery and growing competition from abroad.
Respondents also touch on family background, setting up home and social life in the local area – going to the pictures, dances at the George and the ‘Monkey Run’.

The smaller archive. Reminiscence and Local History, is more about respondents own personal views of growing up in the local area – childhood pranks, local characters, family and changes which have taken place over time.
The recordings are not perfect, the majority having taken place in a respondent’s home, using a table-top microphone - ticking and chiming clocks, dishes being washed and telephone conversations taking place can sometimes be heard in the background among other background noises!
The recordings may not be perfect but the recordings are unique and allow the voices of ordinary people to be heard.
Sit back and enjoy!

Rhianydd Murray.